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I only found my like for hot sauce in the last two years. even though I grew up in Pico Rivera (where there was an earthquake this morning!!!), in a Mexican home that was never short on salsa or Tapatio I always stayed away from anything remotely hot.

But now that I have opened up my world to hot sauce I can’t get enough! I currently have five different type of it in my cupboards. My present fave is this one: Ben as well as I are consumed with it!
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While I am eating I put a bit bit on each bite. Does anyone else do this? I truly believe we requirement one more bottle of it since Ben as well as I just pass it back as well as forth while we’re eating. We requirement our own bottles of it ?

Hot sauce went excellent with the egg sandwich I produced breakfast. somebody just recently asked if I eat eggs or egg beaters/egg whites. Lately I have been eating the Costco brand of egg whites since I bought a situation of them.

I do eat whole eggs too. I really have been buying Eggland’s finest eggs since I won Tina’s contest before Christmas. I won a six month supply!!

But, Ben likes eggs as well as goes with them before I can eat more than one or two ? He was more happy than I was when I won that contest.

I decided to avoid the fitness center this morning as well as just do my hip moves as well as take a walk. I believed it would save me a long time since I have a lot of tasks to total today. Forkert! I’m running later than I would have if I’d have went to the gym. Boo.

Random Fact: My sibling as well as his good friends sing, “Put some hot sauce on my burrito baby!!!” I believed it was from a genuine tune of something, however I believe they just made it up one night when they were drunk tired.

Question: anyone else online in SoCal as well as feel the earthquake this morning?? have you ever felt an earthquake?

Fun truth #2: Last year there was a little earthquake while I was at work. I was in the middle of putting on cosmetics as well as speaking to my friend, Adriel. When the earthquake started we kept speaking then lastly went under my desk since our manager was yelling at everybody to get under their desks. It wasn’t huge sufficient for most of us native Californians to care!

I grabbed my cosmetics as well as kept applying it beneath the desk as well as we continued our conversation as if nothing was wrong ? I miss Adriel…

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