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Today I’m talking with Ashley diamond from My healthy happier Life – she’s run and spectated the new York City Marathon several times and she’s a new Yorker so she’s sharing the best ideas on how to prep for the course, what you need to know for race morning plus ideas for spectators.

I ran the race in 2013 but she’s the expert so we hit all the bases including – the one food you need to eat while in nyc (spoiler: it’s NOT pizza!?). and a lot of of the ideas can help you prepare for any race – any distance! We get into timing your pre-run food and making pals and more!

It’s a really fun conversation too – I forgot until she mentioned  – we first met at The reach the beach Relay race years ago that we go way back!

We’re sharing a lot of ideas and kinda hang out with us on this episode!

In case you’re new here… I’m Monica Olivas – a marathon runner, marathon eater and podcaster in southern California. I started Run eat Repeat to share my running and weight loss story – it grew into an amazing community online and now it’s this podcast. 

Running warm Up:

I ran the Revel Marathon big Bear . and I’m talking to you … so I didn’t die.

But I did get a little sick ideal before the race and I did this interview with Ashley the day after so I’m a mouth breather and sound a lil congested. Brutto. but if you run faster it sounds better … so speed up!

I shared a short race recap here >>> Revel Marathon big Bear top 10 Highlights

But let’s talk about how it really went down…

I realized I was getting sick on Thursday and tried to fight it off with sleep and vitamin C. but I had a fancy VIP trip to Disneyland planned for Friday and couldn’t bail on that. So… I got a lil sick. It was mostly mocos and mouth breathing.

Saturday… I got up early and gotten new tires for my automobile because I was driving all the way to Redlands with my only pal and wanted her to be safe. and my brother told me it’s not smart to be driving on flat old tires so… yeah.

On the way there SR was hungry and I realized I hadn’t eaten lunch so we stopped at Chick Fil A around 4:30pm. This wasn’t the best pre-race meal but SR lives in Alaska where there’s no Chick Fil A and I live in a fantasy world without reason.

We got our bibs and went to my Nino and Nina’s house – they’re about an hour from me and were about 20 minutes from the shuttle bus pick up for the race.

Revel big Bear starts up the mountain in big Bear so you have to park and take a shuttle to the start line. It takes nearly an hour to get to the start! So SR afraid me because she kept worrying that she’d have to pee on the bus so she ducked out of line to pee somewhere and then I thought I must and might have peed on SR’s Boston Marathon poncho. and we’ll find out if she listens to the show if she tells me something about it. Boom.

Race – last week I set a few goals for myself, mostly because I felt like just saying – I’m running a marathon. K. Bye. – and leaving it at that was awkward.

My goals were:

A. Run a sub-4 hour marathon

B. finish the marathon strong – run smart, pay attention to fuel and how I feel to learn from it

C. Finish.

D. Not die.

I hit my goal and ran it in 3:50:47. pace 8:48.

Notes: I never really felt like I got in the zone. When you’re running 26 miles and aren’t going for a pr – I like to get to a pace where I feel like ‘I can do this all day’. [ how to pace yourself for a Marathon ]

I felt kinda meh the whole time. It felt like it took a lot more effort than it must have given the paces I was running trying to keep it easy. There are a lot of reasons I didn’t feel 100% – my fitness level, the altitude or me being a lil under the weather or my nerves or crappy fueling or stomach … ?? but I am delighted that despite not feeling terrific I did it!

I stopped at the restrooms 2x and took my time.

I wanted to walk the rest of the race around mile 19. I walked through the water station and had SR take some pics of me around that point.

I didn’t want to quit but I wanted to just walk it in the last 6 miles. but SR kept bugging me and we argued. and she was quiet for a bit and then started again and I got mad.

But I’m glad she pushed me because I am pleased of how I did.

And I’m extra grateful she came out to run this race with me because I’ve registered for several marathons in the last year and a half and either stepped down to the half or back out all together of every single one.

I probably would’ve done that again – so SR should have all the credit scores that I ran a whole marathon.

And I feel a lot better about myself and my abilities now. It’s not about the time – it’s that I didn’t think I could.

This is BarlesHambone aka my only pal aka skinny Runner aka Mayor of Alaska aka …

And with that…

I’ll remind you there are Race discounts for RNR LA – RNR LAS vegas – LEXUS lace UP Palos Verdes  – lace UP RIVERSIDE and more!

Check out the Race discounts page for more!!

Now let’s get to the main Event:

New York City Marathon Training, Race Day and What to eat – the best ideas Podcast

Ashley diamond is a runner, blogger, partner and mommy working in e-commerce in new York City. She’s run and spectated the new York City Marathon several times and considers it her favorite race. Today I’m asking her for all the best ideas on training, race morning, the course and where to eat. She’s currently training for a half marathon and you can keep up with her at My healthy happier Life

Tips for the nyc Marathon – how to have the best race day at one of the best races in the US!

1. Let’s start with training…

What’s the nyc Marathon course like? any certain training we must incorporate?

– What’s the course like?

– start time / Logistics is challenging… how do you train for that with fuel & hydration?

– What and when to eat race morning. 

2. ideas for the expo?

She’s volunteered at the expo a few times too!

3. Race day ideas and Reminders:

NYC Marathon start line logistics are very unique! When I ran it I took a bus to the start line. but I think you’ve taken a ferry? Let’s talk about our race morning experiences & ideas for each.

– The options to get to the start.

– plan / pack Fuel

– throw away gear

– Corrals / Running with Friends

– how to find your people after the race – terrific ideas for spectators! What to wear, where to stand and other notes to make sure you don’t miss your cheerleaders.

4. The Course

I think the best thing about the race is the amazing crowd support. There’s nothing like it.

We talk about the bridges, boroughs and central Park.

What is your favorite part of the nyc Marathon course?

What must runners make sure to enjoy?

5. victory Lap – (Best Food / fun in the city)

What is the best post race victory lap?

All her running favorites:

> favorite race / distance to run? half Marathon – she’s going for a sub- 2 hour half marathon this weekend!

> What are your favorite running shoes? Brooks Levitate 2 – good support and cushion & bright colors

> need to have Running Gear? Apple Air Pods – they stay in place and stand up to sweat // Brooks Greenlight 7” Shorts (they’re my fave too)

> What did you listen to on your last run / workout? Running Podcasts – Ali on the Run, another mother Runner, Hustle…

> What’s your favorite post-run / post- race victory lap? Burger & Fries

 You can follow her on Instagram @Healthy happier and her blog is My healthy happier Life

Tips for Spectators of the nyc Marathon by means of healthy happier Life

NYC Marathon recap by means of healthy happier Life

I’ve run the new York City Marathon too. It was one of the best marathons (if not the #1 best) I’ve ever done. If you’re on the fence about trying to get into the lottery – do it. I’ll link to my recaps below.

New York City Marathon Race Posts:

NYC Marathon Expo

New York City Marathon Race recap – there are a lot of pics in there too

Top 10 reasons to Run the new York City Marathon

(I think the only post-race picture I have was with Ben) I was freezing after the race and just wanted to find him and get inside. He was enjoying the race with pals and as soon as they found me they snapped a photo of use together and we headed inside.

Run eat Repeat Podcast Awards:

1st place goes to SR aka skinny Runner aka @BarlesHambone for being my only friend, photographer, and agreeing to sleep with me but not actually touching me.

2nd place – Brooks Running sent me a pair of the special edition nyc Marathon running shoes! They are so fun! Jeg elsker dem!!

If you have a question or a topic you’d like me to cover for an upcoming podcast… let me know!

Email me at with Podcast in the subject line or call the RER voicemail.

What are you doing while listening to podcasts?

>>> let me know what you’re doing while you listen by tagging @RunEatRepeat on instagram!

[ photos courtesy of The healthy happier Bear on Instagram and Facebook ]

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